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Hybrid Virtual Events

What are Virtual Events?

A virtual event is an event hosted online through live streamings with pre-recorded videos, slides presentations, audio/ video interviews. These Virtual Events can be streamed across social platforms like Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, and Linkedin.

What types of Virtual Events?

Virtual Events does not require physical meet up which does not mean a reduction in interaction and interactivity. Virtual Events can be done in a way where speakers and presenters can interact with audiences. We also create our own Virtual Reality in the 3D world, where the audience can interact and play games like scavenger hunting.

The Conference, Webinars, and Hyrbid Events (Internal & External) are some of the Virtual events we do to help customers get in touch with their partners and company staff together during this COVID19 situation.

What is a Hybrid Event?

Hybrid Events is hosted and streamed from a Studio with either an Event Backdrop, LED Wall, or a green screen which eventually becomes a virtual background during the stream. Such events may have more interactivities and shows like Hosts, performances, and more interaction with audiences from online platforms.

What types of Hybrid Events?

Hybrid Events are physical events arranged and curated for a virtual event. Where a live host can interact with the audience, answer questions, and arrangement of face-to-face performances within the limited area and permitted requirement. Events like Product Launches, Online Sale, Charity Bidding events, Symposium, Annual General Meetings etc.

VR Booths
Virtual Reality Design (3D World)

VR Booth

Virtual Events
Online Meetings and Webinars

Virtual Events

Hybrid Event – Annual General Meetings


Hybrid Event – Live Performances

Hybrid Virtual events

Hybrid Events with Studio Setting

Hybrid Virtual Event

Events for Hybrid Virtual Events – Professional Conference Organizer

  1. Studio Rental
  2. On-site Live Streaming
  3.  Webinar Solutions with major meeting platforms
  4.  AV system for Streaming
  5.  Graphics and Content for Event Streaming
  6.  Talents, manpower, and event management
  7.  Virtual Set design for event
  8. Marketing campaign online and prints
  9. Speakers Management
  10. Registration system with online Payment

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